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What's that smell?

A project I wanted to try for ages, but never found the time to. Making soap Trolls!

Now that we've decided to skip the festivals for this year as exhibitors, there is much more time for me to try out new projects, including soap making!

Creating a Troll head.

I had so many ideas for soap figurines but decided to try a little Troll head first.

Making a mould

After placing my order at the soap shop, all I had to do was creating the mould which could cure overnight. Knowing I would receive my soap materials the next morning, I could demould the face and start to cast the soap immediately. Well, that was the plan. I knew I had some silicone in my cabinet, a leftover from moulding the Grottos last year.

Opening the first can of the two-part silicone, stirring it firmly it looked quite all right. Opening the second can was quite the challenge as the lid was very, VERY stuck. After lots of brute force and softly praying backwards (the baby was sleeping in the next room) the can opened. I wasn't even able to put the stirring stick in the silicone as it had completely hardened. Aaah! Time to order new materials..

The soap arrived the next morning and looked amazing! I had to wait a day longer with casting since the moulding material would arrive the following day. But once it was delivered, I could finally start the project!

Yay! Everything I needed in order to cast my soaps.

Purple - Lavender, Yellow - Nag Champa and Green - Forest

Melting and casting!

After watching some tutorials on Youtube, it was time to try it out myself. It was quite easy actually! Having experience with casting resin, casting soap was not that difficult to figure out. After adding the color (oooh shiny!) and the fragrance, it was ready to pour into the mould.

De-moulding and tadaa!

Little Troll soaps! I'm very happy how they turned out. I do want to change the frangrance of the green one, though. It's has more of an "air freshener" feel to it than the other two so I'm going to change that around a bit :)

There will be some soap Trolls available in my Etsy store March 1st!

Sending everyone Troll hugs!


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