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We're back!

Hi everyone!

Ooooh boy! Where to begin!

First off, welcome back to the Studio website! It has been a while since it was updated due to a very busy year.

Now, the new year will hopefully bring us lots of new Troll friends to add to the large Troll family! There are some changes to this year, some are awesome, others are a bit sad..


Our little Troll supervisor!

Not only was the Studio undergoing a lot of changes and growth, there was also a little baby on its way!

On December 1st, 2017, our little boy Tommy was born. He's a happy little baby boy and luckily for us, the Trolls love to keep him entertained.

They, however, are not very eager to change his dirty diaper, that's still our job!

New Trolls available for adoption!

The new adoption round has been set! March 1st, 2018 at 20:00 pm CET on Etsy!

New products!

* Smells like Trolls in here!

Even though Trolls are not very known for having a lovely smell, there is a new Troll on it's way. A soap Troll!

They are being cast in three different colors and scents. It's a little test to see if it's fun to do, if so, there will be more soap-designs and maybe even candle-Trolls on their way! To be continued!

* Casting galore!

Not only will we cast soaps, we're also designing more new products to be cast this year. There will be new Grotto's (WITH HANDS!! FINALLY!) this year and we're also experimenting with casting other Troll/fantasy creatures.

So, this is all the news I have for now. Expect to see us update online more often then the past year which has been so quiet on social media!

I hope to share lots and lots of pictures/videos of work in progress and new Trolls, of course!

Sending you Troll hugs! Until the next update!

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